AskCanine was founded with a mission: Get people as excited about dogs as we are and keep them informed while doing it. A lot goes into owning a dog. Keeping them clean, safe, and well-fed is not a simple process. It can be overwhelming. But it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences in the world.

Who We Are
We are a group of four dog lovers from different backgrounds who have spent years training, grooming, and taking care of dozens of dogs between us. From K9 trainers to dog whisperers, we have experience with every type of dog, every level of training, and every tool available to a person. Whether it is training a dog to run a race or just keeping them healthy at the height of summer, we know what to do.

What We Do
Each of our team does two things: The first is their primary job in caring for dogs. This is where they get their interaction with the tools and techniques of dog care. That includes the practical tools like collars and dog seatbelts, as well treatments like dog shampoos and eye wipes. The second is write for AskCanine, where they share that knowledge and experience in hopes of making dogs and their owners’ lives better.

Our People
Erin Barnaby, Dog Trainer
A certified trainer at the Canine Professionals Alliance, Erin Barnaby has worked in dog shows his whole life. He first fell in love with dogs and dog shows when he helped train his grandmother’s poodle for the 2006 Wisconsin State Dog Show. Ever since then he has been learning more, doing more, and educating more about dogs and the treatment and care of them.

Claire Jones, Dog Psychologist
A dog psychologist from California, Claire started getting into pet therapy after she registered her poodle as a therapy dog so she could keep it in her apartment. From there, she started getting more and more invested in the idea of pets as emotional support, as well as the emotional support people could provide pets in return. Now, she is a certified pet therapist looking to share her knowledge with the wider world.

Michelle Berret, Dog Nutritionist
Coming from Michigan, Michelle is a nutritionist that specializes in dog food and safety. There is a wide gap between what dogs need and what most dog food provides, and Michelle seeks to close that gap. She does this in her daily life by working as a researcher at Mushy Face Cookie Company, a Michigan-based dog food company. Here at AskCanine she helps us all better understand the inner workings of dog nutrition.


David Watts

Based in Oklahoma, David trains K9 units for the Tulsa Police Department. His background is primarily in police training, but he moved over to K9 training due to both his experience with the unit as well as his preference for dogs over people. It is for this reason that he has sought out becoming a teacher of not only dogs, but the people whole would presume to give them orders.